FRCSW Saves US Taxpayers $2.1 Million!

FRCSW Saves $2.1 Million!

By AECS Hooks-Kramer

FRCSW spans the globe with sites covering the entire west coast of the United States and extending out to Hawaii and Japan. Additionally, the commands voyage rescue team works on aircraft carriers around the globe. FRCSW goes wherever the Navy and Marine Corps need maintenance personnel.

In September 2015 FRCSW sailors received an opportunity to step up and save US taxpayers a bundle of cash by quickly and efficiently reacting to a crisis situation.

At the command site in Kaneohe Bay, HI an issue arose when a fire suppression sprinkler system inadvertently discharged inside a planned maintenance interval (PMI) hanger on Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Kaneohe Bay. Inside the hangar were aircraft from HSM-37 that had come to the depot for rework. When the suppression system inadvertently deployed it created a situation where the intricate components of these aircraft were put into danger of being unrepairable and needing of replacement.

FRCSW sailors were called upon to assist in the reclamation of the aircraft avionics components. This resulted in 28 repairable assets being shipped to the commands main facility in San Diego, CA. for inspection, corrosion treatment, repair, cleaning and test & check. Technical experts, led by AT1 Zackary Scott, were able to return 17 of these assets to a Ready for Issue status meaning they could be re-deployed back onto the aircraft. The team’s ability to return these items in minimal time resulted in a savings of $2.1 million in replacement costs.

Fleet Readiness Center Southwest (FRCSW) sailors and artisans continue to step up and provide enormous value for US Taxpayers.